I couldn’t see Boolean options in the edit mode. Something like inserting a small cube into a big one and then use " Difference ". Any pointers will be great.

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Boolean is a modifier, just like you cant use bevel modifier, subdiv surf modifier, array modifier, etc. while in edit mode.

You have to be in object mode.

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Thanks. Can you tell me how to use the Boolean modifier ? I selected the bigger cube and then used the picker inside Modifier to select the smaller cube. And then I click " Apply ", nothing happens.

Update :
I had no idea that the copy won’t delete itself. Difference Boolean works but was covered by the original object.

From memory there is a boolean in edit mode also…

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There is a Boolean tool in edit mode, on the Face menu, called “Intersect (Boolean)”. It will do a Boolean betwen the selected part and the unselected part of the mesh. You can adjust which boolean operation is done, and whether to swap the operands (for Difference) in the Redo panel that appears after you use the tool.