Boot into blender?

How complicated would it be to write a front end for blender, to allow it to load a library of device drivers etc, and boot directly into the blender api? or boot into the game engine … (ALL resources are free)

I know it would be complicated, but I really hate windows, and with blenders API I can re-design literally everything… and the update rate for growth with a community like blender…

just another thought in the bucket…

Finally a thread that I understand what it is about.

I think this idea makes no sense.

Windows, Linux, MacOs are operating systems. Blender is an Application. This are two completely different things with complete different concerns.

What you are trying to do is like using your car as road. While you can bike on your car, I’m sure the street in front of your home is much better for biking ;). If you do not like this street to bike on, go to the park there you can bike too ;).

Just my opinion

What does this mean exactly, the Blender API is dependent on having Blender open to show the results (you can always set your startup .blend to show just the text editor if, for some bizarre reason, you wanted to do that).

As for starting the game engine when starting up Blender, it might be possible to auto-run Python code that starts the engine when opening a .blend file or Blender itself, but then you can’t actually work on anything. (Unless you mean the functionality where you can make an .exe that runs through the Blenderplayer, but that’s only for playing the game).

hmm, u mean like, a buddy of mine turned an old computer into an arcade machine… the pc loads directly into a snes emulator… and thats all the computer is used for… (but it did use a OS… idk… im guessing linux or dos…)

So, if I understand you correctly, you want to make an OS based around Blender? (I.e. Boot PC => Load OS => Only Blender)

If that is the case, it’s going to take quite some time and some patience. I think the best way to tackle it would be to create your own minimal/lightweight linux distro that loads in two stages: kernel(?), drivers (video, audio, net, hdd, I/O) first, and then a modified desktop environment that skips the taskbar-stuff and starts up Blender directly.

Evt. take a look at this: - most of them should be able to be modified as they have an open source license.

  • But as said, it would indeed require a lot of patience, as coding your own linux distro (let alone modifying existing) takes a lot of time and requires a nifty bunch of programming skills.

Also, why precisely are you interested in this (asking out of curiosity)? - Planning on making…sort of a mini-console? (Like a Raspberry Pi based thingy that loads a game? or just something quickly bootable from a USB device?)

as far as why,all of the above,

I have a project called “O.S.H.W.A” that I would like to run on a tablet or microPC, to be able to be a user interface as well as a real time physics engine, with the most resources free possible. this will be so people can both use the product and develop it @ there own risk.

Open Source Human Walking Assistance

O.s.h.w.a is @ least a year from any usability however I hope for it to one day help people walk, using blender.