Border Occlude

Hi anthony. I moved out from MODO to blender too. How did you make this pluging work?

I’m trying to follow the instruction but only work for blender default keymap. I’m using industry compatible keymap

don’t worry, finnaly did it!!! Thanks for sumarize it on a simple image. Now Blender is usable for MODO former users!

I’m glad you’ve done it :slight_smile:
But keep in mind the addon works perfectly if you set it on RMB. With MMB it’s a little bugged(see above). Darcvizer said there are some Blender limitations. Probably it will be solved someday…

yes, the only thing now i’m looking for is an addon for select all faces with double click instead loop selection as blender does by default, let me know if you have any clue

You don’t need any addon for this. It’s internal command. “mesh.select_linked”. Switch to blender default config and compare how it set there

Thank you so much, I miss modo so much time and next gen modo(Blender) for now much more like modo :slight_smile:

if Middle mouse is set to select
maybe this could help

Update to v0.4

Installation is greatly improved, it is very easy for you to install the addon
Fixed the problem of loading config if blender was closed when BO was installed on box
Fixed a problem when after a reboot you had to re-configure hotkeys
Fixed icon position
Now the addon is 1 file, not 3
Now you can use any hotkey
Added the ability to set and change hotkeys from Addon Preferences
Added a menu that shows conflicts in hotkeys


Hey Vlad!
It’s great to know there is the update for your awesome addon! Thank you so much! The addon is really life-saver for people who know how efficient selections in Modo! And it gives us the same functionality here in Blender

Regarding the icon position. I liked it even in the previous iteration, it was at the center of the screen.
There are some strange compatibility issues:

Blender 2.90.1, cleared settings (deleted 2.90 folder).

If you need some additional info from me, just say it :slight_smile: (here or via Discord)

Hotfix: save hotkey after reboot blender

Thank you for fast hotfix!

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Added the ability to change the position of the icon for switching between lasso and box selection


Great addition! I’s very handy! Thank you!

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Hey, I’m looking at implementing this into a Blender fork I’ve been working on.

I’ve noticed a few things that could be improved and I was wondering if you have a repo for this somewhere so I can put in a PR perhaps?

The two things I’ll be changing are - only showing the toggle icon when in edit mode and setting the selection type to be the same as the current selection tool rather than a lasso at all times. I might also add some custom icons for it.

Great work on this by the way :slight_smile:

Understood nothing.

Hello! great addon! As a person coming from modo this is one of the most important addons for me!
however, Ive noticed in the 2.91 build that the occlusion macro is somewhat bugged. ( I only use it for the lasso select, like in modo)
but if my seletion doesnt catch any objects ( in object mode)
or any polygons/verts/edges (in edit mode) Then the X-ray doesnt toggle it self off again after releasing the selection.

Thank! I check it.

This might make more sense. I’ve removed select mode and bound the operator to middle mouse, now I’m using it as a mode of the select tools:

if not self.Select:
    if self.Deselect:
        if current_tool == "builtin.select_box":
            bpy.ops.view3d.select_box('INVOKE_DEFAULT',wait_for_input=False, mode='SUB')
        elif current_tool == "builtin.select_circle":
            bpy.ops.view3d.select_circle('INVOKE_DEFAULT', wait_for_input=False, mode='SUB')
        elif current_tool == "builtin.select_lasso":
            bpy.ops.view3d.select_lasso('INVOKE_DEFAULT', mode='SUB')
    elif self.Extend:
        if current_tool == "builtin.select_box":
            bpy.ops.view3d.select_box('INVOKE_DEFAULT', wait_for_input=False, mode='ADD')
        elif current_tool == "builtin.select_circle":
            bpy.ops.view3d.select_circle('INVOKE_DEFAULT', wait_for_input=False, mode='ADD')
        elif current_tool == "builtin.select_lasso":
            bpy.ops.view3d.select_lasso('INVOKE_DEFAULT',  mode='ADD')
          if current_tool == "builtin.select_box":
              bpy.ops.view3d.select_box('INVOKE_DEFAULT', wait_for_input=False, mode='SET')
          elif current_tool == "builtin.select_circle":
               bpy.ops.view3d.select_circle('INVOKE_DEFAULT', wait_for_input=False, mode='SET')
          elif current_tool == "builtin.select_lasso":
              bpy.ops.view3d.select_lasso('INVOKE_DEFAULT', mode='SET')

I did a clean install of blender 2.92 beta, and there the latest version (5.5) and i found a weird bug there as well, when the borderocclusion randomly stops working. It gets fixed by restarting blender.
I’ll try to reproduce the bug :slight_smile:

To be clear, the previous issue I had in 2.91 where the x-ray mode didn’t toggle it self of is gone in 2.92 beta.

when it stop working I can continue to spam the command and eventually it works again until it breaks the second time. I cant notice any procedure that cause this to happen, it seems random from what I’ve noticed. just spamming the command in a empty scene outside the borders of any object also works for triggering this behavior.