Boredom *updated*

Hey, at least it’s not just a cube or sphere…

Duplicate it two more times and do a blue and red one and intertwine them all together. Looks good though, nice caustics, what were you photon settings and all? :smiley:

I really like the caustics. I have yet to create any kind of caustics so I give you high marks for them. lol. I like the simplicity and style of the render, though I would honestly like to see a better floor texture.

Thanks for the ideas. There is just one photon lamp above pointing straight down, photons are at about 2 million, search is 100, depth is 10, and blur is .02. I also turned the energy down to about 0.4. The Kitchen probe is lighting the scene - hence the blotches on the ground. Full GI, cache turned on, 20 samples for AA and 10 minutes for rendertime on a 2.7 Ghz pentium.

Streen - Thanks for the comments. There really is no floor texture, it’s just the generic material settings. The HDRI probe makes it look blotchy.

What about throwing a tile texture on the floor?

hey turn the filter for the light probe to >1 it will smooth out the bloches on the floor, apart from that it looks pretty good, thought the caustics still look a little noisy, maybe you could try QMC that might make it look a bit better

Awesome! It worked!

Thanks for the tip. :smiley:

Good idea. I tried it after your suggestion but it doesn’t look that good. It takes away from the simplicity of the image and detracts from the caustics.

Here’s the latest. I’m changing the name to RGB Madness.

Sweet!! Like the new one a lot, much more interesting with more color, and the DoF looks good too!

Moved, and nice. :slight_smile: