Bot AI test video (with some gore)

Hi all,

I just uploaded a demo video of an AI test.

so far I have 3 completed bots:
Path following -ground
pathfollowing - ground/air
Flock- air

it also has some nice Gibs, and the world I created looks pretty cool too!
(i.e… this contains some graphic gore, not really work safe, if you work around non-gamers)

for the video and screen shots go here:

EDIT: a buggy, but useful blend file, please read below posts:

who knows, I may add some kind of score system, and a timer to spawn different difficulty bot’s

I will release the blend file after I get everything looking nice 8)

A quick note on the video… I left the FPS display on so you could see that it is a laggy video, and not the actual game lagging.

AI was all done with logic bricks, and it is PEGGED at 59-60 FPS the entire time.

That’s SWEET. Keep it up. Looking forward to the finished product. I take it you used the Path node for AI that you created? I think I am going to play around with it a bit as well.

Hi Azazel,

Yes indeed, it is a path node system, loosely based on unreal 2003-2004…

it allows me to have “sky nodes” and “ground nodes”… I also made some “fly” and "land nodes, so I can make them walk up to a gap, jump up, and fly across the gap, and when it hits the “land” node, it will land on the other side of the gap, and begin following the ground pathnode network again.

… I will add “jump nodes” and “ladder/lift nodes” on the next bot I make.

It is amazing how easy it is with the logic bricks… I just take it one small bit at a time, and things start materializing very fast :slight_smile:
different “moods” are really fast to add

my only complaint with my current system, is that I have to somewhat “hardwire” all the nodes on the bot…
so 100 nodes will take 100 logic brick conditions/ reactions.
(for that huge map, I only needed 10)

The second bots I spawn (white with yellow wings) are flock bots… they follow a single node that has an IPO attached to it… so when bot hits it, it will move to the next position.
sorry about that…

anyways, thanks again for the nice comments Azazel :slight_smile:

That’s why I use python. it’s cause I’m lazy.

And the cool thing is, I get complimented for it too…:stuck_out_tongue:

but… there is no sport in that :stuck_out_tongue: it is too easy!

just joking

have a nice day Mr. Crunchy :slight_smile:

Hey p00f,
I don’t know how you keep the logic bricks straight… too many confuse me :D… That is why I like python Would it be possible that you might post the Path node for AI again. Thanks in advance…

Sorry a recent attack from a Michigan IP address has rendered my site useless until my ISP presses charges against them… (they thought they could use a proxy or TOR, LOL I love n00bs )

Give me a little while to clean up, and I will post this new file…

I was documenting everything as I made it, so you can read my notes.

If you don’t mind, then I would really appreciate looking over your notes. If not I can wait until it gets reposted.

well! here it goes :slight_smile:

this is verry far from a finished product… it is just a test really.

look in the text editor for all the note files, every class has its own text file.

ONLY bots 2,3 and 6 are functioning properly. the rest are broken and will not follow the proper paths (plus they get stuck inside stuff)

if you want to try the turret , quickly tap the “t” key and it will spawn in the center.

the static mesh warnings are because I use a near sensor for the developer spawn point.
it uses a near sensor to make sure that multiple bots can spawn, without me tweaking a timer every time (they dont spawn on top of each other)

for a cheap thrill place the spawner over the lava, Muuuuuahahaha!

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Darn it!!

I forgot!!!

Hold shift and tap 6 before you run this, it will enable the layer with the buildings for you.

sorry about that…

also, bot 2 has a bit of a lift problem, with my anti-hit cliff solution.


press N to toggle the view-pathnodes on or off, so you can see what is really going on

Thanks p00f!!!

hey no problem,

I hope you can make use of it :slight_smile:

BTW I love your signature!!!

may I add one?

Man who go to bed with woman problem, usually wake up with problem in hand.

I like that one p00f, LOL :smiley:

Heh, don’t hit T a billion times like I did, you’ll get the crap shot out of you.:smiley:

lol, yea…

be gentle when using the turret spawner… I never added a timer yet. :slight_smile:

it is quite raw, but I am sure someone might learn from this.

bye the way,

the player can “Koopa stomp” just like super mario :slight_smile:

lots of fun :slight_smile:

p00f, can I ask you to upload the blend at It is one of the only upload sites not blocked yet by my school.

If you have any extra time, I would appreciate it.

Yea I will look into that…

I you wish to unblock some sites in the meantime try this :

just ask you administrator if it is OK, and then you can do the rest without having to ask him witch site to allow/disallow .
makes his job easier… you should be able to go anywhere on the net, and download with anonymity, with out bugging him at all.

be back in a minuet , I will try