BOT: Preview poster

What can I say? I figure every big animation in the making deserves a teaser poster.

Here’s an even bigger one:

Comments please…

the model does look good. The halo at the top, sorry for the expression, but look very very blenderish. I’d suggest painting one in photoshop, or playing more with the setting/flare option. I found out that using the flare option but giving it only 1 flare, and using flareboost to give a brighter look is good. You can try the ring option…1-2ring MAX, and play with the seeds to see which one works the best for you.

Maybe it’s the style you are going for, but IMO, I’d like to see some more stylized font for the text. But this is up to you depending on the style you want there. About the text itself, well ok you tell us what the bot cannot do…but I feel like there is something lacking for the last sentence. I don,t know what your story is all about…is it that the robot cannot fear…not even fear to disobea (sp?) his master’s orders? (I’m just guessing here)…maybe the last sentence (if it’s the main point of the story…well it should) should be written in a different format. Like

your bot cannot pray

and fearless your bot is.

You probably can find something better, but you get what I mean. As a poster it would be better if there is a better hint of what the story is about.

Keep it up! can’t wait to see the final product

Wow that is impressive modelling
can u say i-robot…2?

Its not bad but like ecks said the halo on top doesn’t seem right.

The robot is good but would be nice with a little bit more textures its a bit too smooth for me

Incredible…It looks real. The modeling is great! What render did you use? Do you have any tutorials we can take a look at?

More! I want to see more!!!


Thanks for the replies:

The halo at the top, sorry for the expression, but look very very blenderish.

I think I’ll go with your suggestion about tweaking the settings in blender.
I tried just painting one, but I am absolutely HORRIBLE at gimp.

About the storyline, i could’ve put those sentences in any order, and the reason there is not more of a hint to what it’s about is because, well, I’m not really sure either.

Basicly, the storyline is sort of like this: The featured robot realizes that he is able to do the things that he is not supposed to be able to do, and leads an escapade for human compassion when he learns of the evil things that the other robots have done. He will probably get to kill a bunch of robots on the way.

that looks grat.! :smiley: