Bothering with radiosity: strange solutions.

Hi guys,

I’m preparing a little video-demo of an indoor and I’m giving a try to the blender radiosity capabilities, in order to work with acceptable rendertimes.

I never used radiosity before and I didn’t have problems until now with the classical tests (yes, I’m talking about cornell boxes)… However, I’m starting having problems with my current scene.

As you can see in the attachment, I’ve made various tests putting and removing things. In the first test I’ve got a cool result with few iterations, obviously due to the few elements that I collected to bake the solution. In the second I got a weird result in few iterations…but I’m not worried about that test, but the last: Blender bakes the solution with relative few iterations (sorry, I cannot specify the exact numbers) and I get strange results in the walls (no color bleeding).

any clue?

you can also take the .blend from here:

Thanks for advance :slight_smile:


Too little vertices in your mesh. Subdivide it a few times.

I solved the problem increasing the maxelement counter from 10.000 to 40.000… the sofas probable ate the most of elements…

Thank you anyway :slight_smile: