Bottle beer glass material help

(DymitR93) #1

please help
I want to render a bottle of beer. Unfortunately, I have a problem with colored glass material. I’m inspired by this project. If you have an idea how to do such material, please give me advice.
My render

Inspired project:

(sundialsvc4) #2

One thing that you should be fully prepared-for is the reality that your reference shot has undoubtedly been post-processed in a “digital darkroom.” And that it’s perfectly fine to do the same thing with yours.

Notice how the color of the lighting varies throughout the shot.

(moony) #3

One thing that is dramatically different is the lighting. Your reference is backlit.

Take a look at these tutorials:

(aghandwork) #4

Your render - Photoshop - Dodge and Burn technic.

Inside Blender - just play with lights.

(omgold) #5

Hmm, how exactly did you do the current glass and beer material? The main difference I see is that the beer is cloudy. Is that on purpose or undesired?


  • The color of bottle and beer is too similar and the cloudy liquid prevents the glass from showing its full glory
  • As others have already suggested, changes in the lighting of the scene might make a huge difference

(String Fairy) #6

You’re missing the condensation. You need just a few nodes to accomplish this. You might also want to turn the world setting to black if it isn’t already. If you provide the the blend file I could mess around with it a bit and post the changes.

(DymitR93) #7

Thanks for all answers.
I will work on light, and post-pro. Yes, beer is cloudy, because I wanted to diffuse the light. It turned out to be not the best idea.
This is my project file.

(omgold) #8

Okay. Thanks.

Checked it and played with the parameters quite a bit. Some suggestions:

  • Tweaking lighting will make a lot of difference. Place a spotlight behind the bottle facing toward the camera seems to be a good idea.
  • Material can be much simpler. And should.
    – do not use any surface shader at all for the beer. Volume absorption, nothing else.
    – don’t use coloring on glass / refraction shaders. Always use volume absorption.
    – all you need should be: glass for bottle surface (with bump map) and volume absorpion for both bottle and beer
    – Bottle wall should be thicker.

Additional remark:

In the reference image, the rather thin highlight beam caused by refraction is likely not faked. Tested with a real-world bottle. It’s easy to achieve when holding it against a spotlight. Quite confusingly, I couldn’t reproduce it in the scene, though. don’t know. The softglow aura of course is faked.

(omgold) #9

Oh, I forgot, the beer of course also needs refraction. This solves the problem I mentioned at the end. Stupid me.

Here is what I got with soem tweaks. Far from perfect, but maybe good for further tweaking. I didn’t change the bottle wall thickness, though.

(String Fairy) #10

I actually made a video for you on this. Hope it helps.

But I agree with the above about using ONLY volume absorption.