Bottle render

I’ll be using this model on a website I’m designing. Modeled using photo references, going for realism. C&C welcome!

I’ll be tweaking the materials a little, but I’m tired right now, and don’t feel like messing with this any more tonight :slight_smile:


That is really good!

2 things that may make the materials better. Maybe some SSS to mimic the ‘softness’ of the cap. Also, just a tad more specularity on the orange part.

Good luck on your web designing.

Thanks! SSS is a great idea on the cap. I’ll definitely give it a try.

Believe it or not, the spec is almost all the way up, I think I may have to use a different shader or something. Thanks for pointing it out though, now I know it won’t work as-is.

I think I may have to use a different shader or something
Try more energy on your lighting.

When this site is published (if it isn’t already), PM me a link; I’d love to check it out.

just a crit for the site–
in the catalog, it could have 20-50 items per page, instead of 6 :wink:

Cool site! :slight_smile:

Thanks - it’s actually a template site, so the 6 items per page is a setting I haven’t figured out how to change yet. Eventually though, I’ll build packages for all the colors - basic colors, metallic colors, etc. That way people don’t have to hunt for colors. It’s all in the works my friend. :cool: