Bottle smash

I know this has been been done before but I thought I’d post it anyway…
Based on the excellent tutorial on BlenderCookie

I had some issues with the Cell Fracture Add On messing up my UV mapped texture which I managed to get around:
My bottle, has two materials Glass and a UV mapped Label
Every time I used the fracture tool the UV coordinates of the label became messed up - It looked like the edge boundary where one material stopped and another started was becoming skewed by the fracture process.
My Fix was to split (not seperate) the vertices that made up the label texture from those of the glass, they were the still part of the same mesh but no longer linked to the vertices with the other texture.
You need to give this new section a small amount of “thickness” by very slightly extruding it or the cell fracture won’t work.
As they are still the same mesh, fracture still works fine but the textures worked much better.

Also Fractured transparent materials are very obviously fractured, so the first few frames of the animation are of the unfractured bottle and then I swap to the fractured version on impact. For some reason if you look very carefully there is an odd reflection on the neck of the unfractured bottle that is not there on the fractured one - couldn’t work out what was causing it so it may be the light bouncing about in the unfractured bottle just works differently…

Very good. This is as good as any I have seen. I wounder if the paper can be made a third object and maybe hold some of the shards. I have no idea how no good idea how.