Bottle with liquid problem


Endless problem: water in the bottle. I have super simple scene: area light from left, background that works as ligh as well and bottle with 2.5 mm thick and liquid.

In general everything looks all right, but in fact I have some problems with it. Bottom of the bottle have some curve and this part appears pure black at rendering. I can increase transmision samples, and this black part starts to acting more natural, but some white artifacts are appearing at the neck of the bottle (no environment map is used).

I`m showing two bottles, both with higher transmission samples. In fact, for the best solution would be use lower transmision but the black bottom is completly unacceptable.

Can you give some advices how to make it right?

And of course sorry for my english.


Check your ray depths and normals for the glass.

Im still struggling with this issue, but with another model. This time Ill try to ask specific questions.

I made my model using this tutorial. I try to make realistic glass using the first method and the second one the is mentioned in the link.
Both methods have their own advantages, but none of them are looking good in my opinion.

Method 1 is to light, liquid is almost transparent. I think that reflection on the right is bit strange. But bottom of the label looks more realistic.

Second method, is a bit to strong, bottom of the label looks bad but in general I think that it looks slight better.

Both methods uses the same lighting and shader.

  1. I would like to eliminate reflection on the right or at least minimalize it. I think it looks to strong.
  2. Is there any way to use area light with soft edges. Because both reflection are too strong imo, it should be more delicate. Especially on the edges.
  3. Any ideas how to eliminate or minimalize the black line in the bottle mouth? I know that I can modify it by IOR, but I dont want to loose the realistic look by playing it too much.
  4. Any ideas what is wrong in general? Maybe you can give me any hint how to approach that subject?