I’m trying to make the label for a bottle, but it’s all wacky. Here’s the label I want to but on it.

but when I add it it goes all… screwy. Any suggestions?


oh, one more thing. My bottle is an ellipsoid shape.

—/ –
–( — )

That’s the basic shape of it.

If you guys need an actual image I’ll post it, but this is what I have. And I’d like to start using yafray if it can happen.


LOL you can post the image of the label, but not the render or wireframe screenshot of the bottle? Classic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yafray can render it, sure, but have you tried rendering it with (for lack of a better term) Blenternal? With the RC and CVS builds, we have transmissivity, and while it’s not Yafray glass, it is most excellent, dude. [[Bill S. Preston, Esq. air guitar solo.]]

Make the bottle have dual textures. Pick the faces that will wear the label and map your label there. If you want a true 3D label, cut a section of the bottle, make it extremely thin, scale it up a bit, and have a label affixed to the bottle instead of mapping it to part of the bottle.

If you’re looking for example .blends to show you different ways, check out the Kator Legaz Blender 3D Model Repository - Household section, scroll down to the many wine bottles with labels. Looking at how these are done should give you plenty to work with.

Have fun! :smiley:

here is a less… text oriented picture of my bottle. I don’t know what i’m doing to make the label look like that.


This is just a guess if you use a second mesh for the label:
I think you should try to scale the the label-mesh just a tiny bit larger, this way the faces (the ones from the bottle and the ones from the label) do not fight which one should be displayed first in the render (just test it with lower resolution)


Yes, and also change the mapping coordinate system. see how it does a radial, with most of the logo bunched up at the bottom, then the nutrition info panel (which is even more silly…) I’d suggest setting it to cube or tube, since there’s no “top” it won’t make a difference which.


wow, how did you make yuor bottle all shiny and clear?

Here’s what I came up with and, just so you know, I was hungry as well as thirsty.


Mmm sammwich! Nice bend on the meat. Gives it just the right gravity feel. But it looks like you were having normals problems bending it? Welcome to Blender! :rolleyes:

Well done on the label, you nailed it. :smiley:

re: the bottle, it’s just setting IOR that is making you go “ooh” - set it to 1.333 or 1.650 depending on what you’re trying to show, the water or the plastic bottle. Other than that, it’s just a light blue texture set to a low alpha and ray transparency, nothing fancy, no textures other than the label (hey I’m making a demo render for someone on elYsiun, I’m not spending 20 minutes making a material! :D)

Which is what I was saying above re: Yafray, you don’t need to use it to do translucent glass and plastics well. Especially in 2.42 you won’t.

Not that this has anything to do with your label issue, but it will definitely help you later… if you want to understand IOR, wikipedia to the rescue: List of Material Indices Of Refraction

I made my bottle prettier. And look- better ham!