Bounce lookalike

bounce look.blend (496.9 KB)

is there some formula to make bounce heights and distance look right.
i just copied and scaled but it does not look right.
i would use real bounce but nobody knew how to keep the disc upright at the end and i do not know how to move it to the side.
on 2.69

thanks all

did you try this

thanks but where did you get those 2 right hand columns?
i do not see them on my 2.69

I opened youre file in Blender 2.81. I believe this function doesn’t exist in Blender 2.69. Maybe i misunderstood your question, sorry.

Thank you for trying.
it is more than anyone else did!

Okay, but can I ask why you use such an old version of Blender?

i prefer a version with backward compatibility.
that has only been a wish to those who continually tinker with what works

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Do you know that you can download all versions ever created on the official blender page. Maybe there is a younger one with the function.

i did not know that. i wonder how many can be on an old win7 laptop.
so i can use whichever version i wished.

I’m not sure what you are trying to do, but why don’t you just animate the object normally instead of making it follow a NurbsPath? As in taking the object and translating it manually to the desired positions.

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this should work

but if i use the regular bounce thingy the disc falls flat at the end. i need it upright. ( stopping rotation is not it seems doable)
“but why don’t you just animate the object normally” how do i do that and make it look like it is bouncing?
in 2.69

iguess you mean @duran3d

Yeah, the tutorial posted by MarioPeper should be enough.

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as expected it does not work on 2.69.
the row of tabs on the left. where do i find them?

also, whether grease line or path - they are both the same idea.
thanks all