Bouncing Ball Animation Question

Hello I am trying to get my bouncing ball animation to work properly. At frame 4 when the ball first hits the ground i want the ball to squash. I was able to make that part work but in doing so the ball starts to squash before it hits the ground. So I guess what I am asking is how to make the ball squash only when it hits the ground. Please see file for reference: bouncingball.blend (525.7 KB)


You need to add a keyframe of the ball at full size, right before the ball hits the ground.

I did that and its still shrinking before it hits the ground :frowning:

ok I see you have to add an additional one again so two keyframes before it with the ball at full size. That doesn’t make sense but ok. Thanks!

Take a look at my revised file.

bouncingball-2.blend (727.1 KB)

I would if i have your version of blender lol. I am going to be getting a new computer soon so i will be able to upgrade to the latest version. How many GBs does your video card have?


What version are you using?

Hey, If you have not watched this rigging series , you might want to check them out, never mind what version there in, they are very helpful.

EDIT: I posted that before I looked at your file, So it doesn’t look too bad, the more frames you have to work with - the better and smoother it will look, so say you want your final animation to be 4 seconds @ 25 FPS which = 100 frames, doubling it to 200 frames, then create the animation, then scale it back down in the Dope sheet or NLA will make it look nicer.

Hey, Just ‘APPEND’ the objects from the Object folder into your version - most stuff works fine

My version is 2.79.

Try this file.

bouncingball-2.blend (521.9 KB)