bouncing ball

Hi. I am doing a traditional animation class this year to help add not only to my animation skills, but for a good object to put on my transcript. :slight_smile:

I was asked to make a ball bounce to show animation. You can download the movie here (DivX; 28.7kb; 2 seconds):

C&C are appreciated. Thanks.


One problem that I see is that the ball stretches before hitting the ground, it shouldn’t do that…it’s also a little choppy…

Thank you for your reply. Actually I was going for a cartoony effect. I was kind of following an animation book I have. If it was meant to be realistic, I would not have really stretched it as much, before or after it hits the ground.

With the choppy-ness… I put the images together in Blender with the sequence editor. I have the frame rate set to 25 frames/second. Should I increase this? I will try that.


i’m sorry man your gonna have to work on your timing.

its a start tho and NOBODY is a natural animator.

try again but read the book and look carfully at the spacings.