Bouncing ball

I’m trying to make a bouncing ball, but am having some problems. My ball doesn’t bounce very much. It falls and bounces, but only bounces once
I’ve got the following setup:

  • mesh plane
  • Icosphere
    I’ve cleared rotation and applied scale and rotation on both objects.
    I’ve assigned different materials to both the plane and the sphere. I’ve set the world material physics setting to bullet.
    In the DYN menu I’ve tried settin the Restitut setting to lots of values. From other posts it sounds like setting this to 1 should have my ball should bounce forever
    I’ve specified the sphere as a rigid body with the bounds set to sphere; also tried Convex Polytype. I’ve tried lots of Damp settings between 0 and 1. With settings close to 0 the ball doesn’t bounce at all.

I’m using the newly released Blender 2.4
Any ideas, suggests of settings to try would be most welcome.

Happy holidays!

I’ve tried like you and it doesn’t work as well

You should keep using sumo maybe, and in this case, you don’t need to touch the DYN settings in the materials panel nor to activate the Fh things in the Logic Settings. To have your ball bouncing for ever, turn Damp (the right one, not damping for rotation) to 0.0.


Thanks for that. The sumo option didn’t work either. However I did try a cube instead of a plane. This worked perfectly!
Thanks for the help.