Bouncing balls bake problem.

Ok i have a scene setup where i have 10 football (soccer) balls bouncing down some stairs via a particle system. When i first hit play the balls bounce down the stairs the way i want them to. But when this simulation is played back after (from the temp cache or if i bake) it seems to act funny where the balls dont quite hit the ground and dont seem to bouncing naturally the way they did when the sim first ran, almost like they are being blown back upwards with a strong fan. Basically cahed or baked data is different to when the sim ran in realtime.

Heres the Blend

To summarise, the only way i can get the sim to look right is to free all bake data, change a setting around and back to clear the cache and run the sim from scratch.




I am not on my computer, so I can’t test your .blend, but I wonder if you have considered using the game physics simulation for this? It sounds like a better fit, to me.


Cheers rking, I’ll give that a try! :wink:

Figured it out. Cache steps was defaulted to 20. So cache was only smapling every 20th frame, then interpolating the data on play back, making the animation look weird. Phew, live and learn eh?

Thanks rking!