bouncing log on stairs

from a tute i got the log to bounce.
how do i get it to bounce down the steps?
travel sideways as it were
thanks all
(2.69-no cycles) thanks


bouncing log.blend (545 KB)

Animate the log moving and animate on/off the Dynamic/Animated options
Change the stairs rigid body collision shape from Convex Hull to Mesh
In the Rigid Body World settings you may want to increase the solver iterations to minimise mesh intersections

See attached demo (using blend er 2.78, if doesn’t work in very old blender versions then you’ll need to figure out the neccessary adjustments)


bouncing log.blend (563 KB)

thanks Richard, it works fine but how do i stop it !!!
never heard of Convex Hull before!
i just used a plane.

Richard could you please elaborate for us dummys!
nobody else seems to know.
i also need to know how to stop it at the right point.
hopefully i do not have to make several videos and them join them!