Bounds or nor bounds ?

After many test, I’ve found that my scenes are very slow when I use bounds collision on my objects…

For example :
with Bounds : 6 fps
same scene without bounds : 50 fps !!!

An explanation ?



How many bounded objects are you using?

Just one !
My character, but it is attached just in front the camera…(with armature and action)

you character, set the mesh to ghost, and dynamic.

apply scale and rotation. (ctrl+a) on the mesh, 1st option

also, is your character/object(s) high poly? with convex hull polytope bounds?
that could be a reason

Hmmm, and what if the mesh is about 3000 polys, already in ghost, linked to an invisible cube that has all the game logic commands, and a BOX bounds?

All meshes have bounds unless you turn collision completely off. If you don’t select any bounds it defaults to box bounds. You can see that if you enable Game / Show Physics Visualization.