Bow Shot - Archer Animation

Hello everyone first of all i’m new to this forum !
I’m a bit stuck for my archer animation…
I got my character armature that work nicely
And my bow armature with bend and string that work good aswell…

My question is how can i Make the bow stay in his hand knowing that this is two different armature,
how can i create on single animation with two armatures… I’m creating those for a game i make, i could make i single armature out of this two, but the character can also be a Warrior, mage, ect… so i don’t want the Bow bones to be a part of the character armature…
thx in advance
Ps: Sorry for my english.

You can select both armature and edit them together.

You can also create an empty, add a Copy Transform constraint to the hand targeting the empty, and do the same thing for the bow. Now if you move the empty in pose mode you’ll move both the hand and the bow at the same time.

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I have trying out the two options, the first one editing the animation together … maybe i do something wrong but if i move the and on frame 10 for exemple then i save keys, after that i move the bow and save the key as well (under the same action in action editor) when i move from frame 1 (base pose) to frame 10 my character the was previously prefectly posed now jut get crazy, while the bow just do fine…

for the second option you gived me when i parent the empty it simply mess my objects…

thx for the help !

If you’re going to be bringing this into a game engine then make sure you educate yourself on slots. Slots are a point that you determine on the armature that an object gets linked to, consider it like a magnetic point that an item would appear out of your inventory. I’m not sure what engine you’re using, but there are some good Unity and Unreal tutorials on this out there.