I have continued work on my bowling game which I started in the early days of bullet. With the release of 2.42 preview 18, I have all the features I need for this game. There are only a few things left that I have to do:

  • Get the scoring system to work (it already counts how many pins are down and recognizes strikes and spares)
  • Add Multiplayer support (turn-based)
  • Possibly tweak the physics

I hope I can finish this quickly and have an actual complete game which I am proud of. A demo or even the finished game may come in a few days.

Any plausible feature suggestions are welcome.

I really hate that camera angle. It shows too much nothingness. Can you make it so it follows the ball down the lane? Sort of like keeping the ball and pins in view at the closest possible zoom.

I don’t know about the gameplay, but I do believe that a better enviroment would make for a better game. Try using some better lighting (radiosity maybe) to make things look more realistic, and try using better textures (I found the wood textures to be a little ugly actually).

The whole thing looks way too dark, like playing in the basement.

Good luck on this, I hope to see the demo/game soon.

Toomai, thanks for the observation, I’m planning to implement some camera movement eventually but its not at the top of my list right now. I will also try to fill up the nothingness with something more interesting.

Social, you are right, I haven’t been working too much on the graphics but I will put some work into them when I finish the scoring system.

I might actually make it more of a ‘glow-bowl’ type theme with realtime mutlicolor lights but it might get too CPU intensive.
Edit: I tested this out and it will probably be optional because it looks pretty cool but could get annoying

Here’s a bit of an update on this project. I now have the scoring system more or less working (no strikes or spares yet) and I’ve added some camera angles to make it more interesting.
The first angle is as shown in my first post.
The second is a tracking camera from the side:

And the third is behind the pins:

I have one more problem to fix then I should be able to release a demo.

the pins can have much more complex meshes, unless this is going to be a web plugin game