Bowl of Fruit

Hi. It has been about a month and a half since I started this project. I really think it was a test of my abilities and patients. I learned a lot in the process of making it; modeling, lighting, and texturing were brought to the next level for me. I am proud to say that there is no post-processing (minus the title and copyright). [1.49Mb]

C&C is highly welcome, but I will not be editing this image any further.


hey its a really good model i had a go at the whole fruit bowl thing ( but i struggled with the lighting do you reckon you could send me your blend so i can observe you lighting scene

Thank you. I will post the .blend for anyone who wishes to take a look. [2.52Mb]

Sorry it has to be Geocities, but I don’t have any where else to host files (other than pictures) right now. Any suggestions would be helpful.


Ripway. or in about a week u could send me the file and i could post it on my site.

I looked at Ripway and… I get 10Mb of bandwidth/day. That is about three downloads of the .blend file. Do you think that is enough? I think I have more than that on Geocities. I guess it is probably time to start looking into getting my own domain. Sigh


do what i do. HOST OFF OF UR MACHINE

Get a free webserver and start writing html docs to make ur site look at mine it the sig. still under construction

Here is the webserver i use

Hey thanks for the attempt but its not working it says the page is unavailable it would be good to get the blend but if its too much trouble don’t worry :wink: