Bowman - A side-scroller

I thought I could post this here and get some feedback on it. This is a little game I been working on last few days. Haven’t done much in game engine before so I made it to learn mostly.


A-D - Move left and right
Shift - Sprint
Space - Jump
Up. left, right arrows - Aim
F - Fire


Bowman.blend (314 KB)

Is that a shader you’re using? or what are you using for the wireframe in the GE? It’s slowing down my computer, and I can’t really play… The rasterizer’s working hard, and I think the wireframe effect is causing the slowdown.

Looks pretty funny. Can’t play it though. Is it a 2.5 version?

Anyway, 1 tip is to make the bow aim to your mouse button. That’s way nicer in stead of arrows on your keyboard. Laeave the style as easy as it is, and make some funny obstacles. Like shooting though a hole in the wall into a rope that makes the brige fall, just an example.

Have fun. :wink:

the animations doesnt work for me and i cant shoot an arrow, I try the 2.5 and 2.49 versions and do not work, and about the shader question, i think that is a builted in filter of blender

It’s made in blender 2.5 and the shader is a 2d filter that can be found on the cameras game logic.

I really tried to find any script so that the bow followed the mouse but didn’t find any that was up to date with blender 2.5. So if anyone could help me out there I would get it to work :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the arrow showing in the beginning? Then try to hide that layer and it should work.