I thought I’d do something like this. Likely it’ll end up in the started-worked-on-never-finished-bin.


…lol. I have many pieces that are in the same category in my list. Nice bow & arrow - a bit abstract if I may add. Are you trying to make a political statement ? (-;

Not really aiming at anything political, just practicing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s an update.


Added some textures. The textures suck. ><


The little notch that the arrow fits into on your bow is a little bit wierd. Every bow I’ve ever fired has the arrow rest against the left side of the bow (from the shooter’s point of view). I’m not positive on this but I also think that all arrows have three feathers as opposed to four.

if you turn the bow and arrow up side down and attach it to a Rube Goldberg machine, it could be a anti bugler system. though a bit morbid
what did you use for the bow texture?
good work

please change the background from blue or i might get sick :stuck_out_tongue: jk its nice…work on lighting …but good topology