Box Bot needs to be cuter

I am trying to create a cute, simplistic robot to use in animations. By “simplistic”, I mean it should convey the idea of simplicity. I am not opposed to adding detail, and I am not too concerned about the poly count.

My main issue, right now, is with the mouth. I am not very good at creating expressions, and most of the ones I try look weird. I am thinking about replacing the LED panel entirely, but I do not know what I would replace it with.

Materials suggestions would also be nice. I have grown kind of attached to the copper look, though. I tried plastic, but it looked fake.

I would appreciate any recommendations on how to make this robot look more cute or natural.

It needs a nose. Perhaps a little drawer extruding between the eyes?

Making something look Cute is one of the more difficult things to do.
and I may not be the best guy to give you advice on this but here are a few things you could try.
First make sure you have a backup copy.
Larger eyes lower down on the face.
Smaller mouth
Bevel the edges of the box. soften the contours
Add a small body underneath the box.
Large head with small body can work.
Basically its the baby baby animal look.

This bothers me, but i’m not entirely sure why… don’t know if fixing it will add cuteness… I don’t like the eye and mouth led grids have such different resolutions. I think the mouth should be 8 led deep to match the eyes.