box/cornell box renders?

how does one go about making those “in the box” renders? is it just a box with a hole in the top and GI enabled? or is it an illuminated plane? or is it neither?

i believe it’s called a “Cornell box”, correct?

example of what i’m talking about

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those are usually made with renderers that are more photorealistic then blenders. the point of the study is to show the color bleeding from the walls (part of the boxes in the box are semi-shaded in the color of the wall they’re beside).

if you’re using indigo then just use an arealight for the “hole”
(and cut off one face from the box so you have “freedom of camera movement”)

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the only problem is that i cant figure out how to use area lights in indigo. but thanks for the arealight idea…you’ve reminded me of the area light tut for yafray i read a week ago.

so there should or shouldn’t be a hole at the top? i know there’s an area light but no hole, correct? and why is there a hole for the camera? cant i just adjust the box length and camera position?

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no hole, just an arealight (or an emitting plane) the hole for the camera is just so you wont have a distorted box (to fit the camera would require a box about twice as long as it is wide)

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and that brings up my second question. how do i get emmiting planes working in yafray? or is it required that i use indigo/sunflow?

Yafray does support meshlights, apparently by increasing the emit value in the material property’s.

Edit: I just tried it and it doesn’t appear to work. maybe by you can still have meshlights by some other method?
interesting. i’ll have to read up on it.

maybe it only makes a material a meshlight if emit is 1.0, and nothing below (like say, 0.8)