Box cutter broken by 3.0?

Any box cutter users have it functionality broken by version 3.0??


Make sure to install the latest update!

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Thank you sir!!..back in business in 3.0
your product would be a bargain at twice the price!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :+1:

Yes, 3.1.2 here. Boxcutter is utterly broken, even though it said it’s 3.0+ compatible. What the heck??!

Also running Blender 3.1.2. Box cutter (v7.19.12) has become so obnoxious to use I usually don’t bother. The latest is an error I get that says, “Camera object has no attribute vertices.” Except that I wasn’t trying to apply it to a camera object. Unless I’m being completely dumb, which is a distinct possibility.

Same issue here, I use the latest Boxcutter version on Blender 3.0, it’s “compatible” but it’s completely broken, it behaves randomly, it’s just unusable. I’m even considering other software for hard surface.