Box of cans

It’s a small study for a larger project. I have been using a ubershader for the first time and having a blast!

Great work, I am really looking forward to your larger work

Thank you. I’ll be sure to post the full project.

Liking the diffuse maps. The tins themselves could use more of a specular map, and tin lids generally aren’t quite so… flat. Maybe add a normal map there. And of course depending on whether this is supposed to invoke a particular time period, maybe replace the pull tab with a can key, seeing as the pull tab was only invented in the 1950s. However, I appear to be incapable of finding out anything more useful about these keys beyond pictures, so I can’t say when those first entered the picture.

Actually the time period is around 2016 :). This is just a tiny fraction of the work for a restaurant project i have. Thank you for the tips. I might even use the keys idea later on.

A small update on the project.