Box of fluid not quite so cubic??

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I don’t know where to put it.

So anyways I’m attempting to do a fluid sim. I set the domain, obstacles etc. But when I select the fluid object (a simple box) and bake, it isnt the the shape of the box I selected, it looks more like a horrible somewhat cubic blob. I have turned the resolution up to about 200 thinking that would fix it but nope. All I want is a perfect box of fluid, its in 0 gravity btw so it isnt moving. I have looked at the blender manual, tutorials, just about anything I could find and none helped. Any help would be appreciated


you can’t have a floating cube of fluid in real life either.

Why do you need to use the fluidsim if you just want a perfect cube?

i am having objects pass through it

You might wanna look into fluid control objects. Here is a tutorial that explains how to use fluid control

Here is my object passing through fluid scene.


ras_object_through_fluid.blend (222 KB)