Box Unselect or Deselect How To?

Is there a way to deselect something using the B-Key?

Consider my fish eye image.

Currently I have the selected faces assigned to a single material. I want to split that so that each eye has it’s own material to ease UV mapping.

But I can’t figure out how to unselect just one side of my eyes without getting vertices from other groups involved.

If I right-click on a face, I select it. If I right-click again, I deselect it. Shouldn’t box select work the same way? I want to draw a box around one side, then draw again to deselect.

I’m stumped on this simple task…


Instead of using the LMB to select, use RMB to deselect.

Thanks RedJay, I did not know that you could use the other mouse button!

My pleasure! :wink:

FYI, on some systems, the B-UNselect is accomplished using the MMB instead of the RMB.

BTW, this applies both for the marquee selection and the circle-paint selection modes. I cannot now imagine being productive in blender without this capability.

While we are at it, a couple of other extremely helpful selection modes:

Hit ‘L’ while hovering your mouse over a vertex, edge or face. All linked (L for linked) vertices, edges or faces will be selected. If you have a large selection of various groups of vertices, edges or faces, hitting SHIFT+L over one of them will DESELECT all linked objects. Absolutely indispensable.

Thanks a lot - redjay & beefcalf - from me too. Deselecting was such a pain, sometimes.
My method was - press Shift. And pray :wink:

Don’t forget about
Loop Select, Alt+RMB, click on an edge.
(Optional Shift)
then there’s
Edge Ring Select ALT+CTRL+RMB (Optional Shift)
And for both of these selecting the thing again deselects them.

And for both of these selecting the thing again deselects them.

Which is different from Box select, I wonder why box select does not work the same as other selection techniques?

I do love ALT-RMB.