Firstly, this is my first post to here ( hoping it’s not a crash landing… :wink: )

I’ve been playing around with blender for a while, and suddenly something flashed though my mind: the box! ( Yes, the big box that wrap the small piece of CD when you buy flash, firework, photoshop and any big software)
With such a “heavy” (well I mean powerful) software isn’t it nice to have a box? But well for many big open source program I used (blender, GIMP, dev-cpp, phpbb, php, apache, mysql, phpmyadmin, and the lists goes on) , I didn’t see any that ever mentioned a box, not until recently I find out typo, a software to manage website, that came up with a “creative” solution:
It would be nice if anyone is interested in making a box for blender, and may be even more, the cd label, the front and back cover for the cd case.

people have designed box’s for blender.

but its a nice idea.


seems like they had a plan for this before and I know ive seen some designs in the finished projects forum.

Are you talking about
Unluckily the image seems disappeared, I only found a small thumbnail cache on
Anyway it looked nice , and I would love to get one if I can ( except that it is a little too thick and bulky :stuck_out_tongue: – I may have a hard time bringing this back to home :wink: )
And of course the simpliest way to do this is to make a 2d graph of it and print it out and fold and glue and make a box out of it. (This way you don’t even need to ship)
Finally I hope I could see the full size image soon- the small one is too blurred.