Bpprojection error

Hi so posting this again as i put it in the wrong section?Either that or noone else has this error?

Bpprojection errorHi guys so trying to use the Bpprojection addon and get this error. Any idea what i did wrong?I dL the latest script and put it in addon folder then activated in user settings.

Well that sucks. I can’t even find the line for the fix i found one that said TRue but no False

Just tried it in 2.69 and it had a error what edition did this addon last work with?

Don’t know what version it worked in.

Maybe You could try the clone/texture brush in texturepaint…Think You can do some similar with it.


Yea Tai I am using the clone tool but its like using a flood to fill a glass. The bpproj thing looks like it was more the way gimp paint.net use clone which would be nice to get in blender maybe next release fingers crossed.