i am working at an addon that help you to texture your model with the clone Brush.
The wiki is here: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/3D_interaction/bprojection
There is also video who explain how this addon can be used.

When you have time to try this, I would be glad to have some feedback, It would be very helpful for finding bug or improving the workflow.

great job, good to see very useful tools like this as addons :slight_smile:

Sweet Raptorlord! It’s so great and user friendly, mate. love love love love love

Thank you for this wonderful, very intuitive tool.

Meta-Androcto : thanks to your help with the wiki and all
THth : so you are here too, your are the best fan of this addon :wink:
My Graphic card is die and i can’t boot my computer so the update of the sript will wait a little.

I’ve made a new video to show really how use it and show the new feature like sculpt the plan.

This is brilliant - A very welcomed feature improvement for blenders texture painting! Please keep up the great work @kgeogeo!

Tanks. Now i’will clean the code (hard work) and wait for some feed back to remove possible bugs.

This is really fantastic!

In particular I love the grease pencil scale trick.

If I may, can I request the ability for multiple project images? Similar to background images. That way you could set up different images for each of your views and not have to constantly redo the image and settings for the view.

Thanks, i’ll try to do something like background image but i don’t know yet really how it have to work.
For exemple in front view you have an image in side view another, OK.
But when you rotate the view whish one sohuld stay in the view??
Because in the background image there’s no image when you rotate.
Maybe hold the current.
I’ll do also something for 2,4,6,8 numpad shortcut, it can be usefull for painting this more accurately.

Otherwise, i’m a big fan of you tuto in Blender Cookie, i learn a lot with. I’m really proud that you have interest of this addon.

It’s done for multiple image…
It’ was really an hard work, but i’m pretty happy with the result.
There’s still somme limitation: -don’t use link UV in an image and don’t like for another, it’s work still not fine.
- dont use the sculpt abilities, the change wil affect all the image.I’think i will resolve that with shape key but need time to know exactly how it work.
It’s possible that the image is turn 90°.
Go in edit mode and turn le plane -90° on Z axis(only for the first image)
I’ll investigate that.
I wait for some feed back.

it work now with mulltiple image and sclupt abilities.
I’ll post a new video in a few minutes.

Looking forward to it!

After a few try, i’ve succeeded to make the video, it’s now upload.
The video is far from perfect, i’m not really an artist :-), but it show quicly how to use it.

I’m curious to see what a real artist can do with this.
I’m still waiting for bug feed back.

The commit of yesterday was not the best, there was a few bug(when no image, remove view), but now it’s fixed.
Also, don’t need anymore to save every time the view, it’s save automaticlies.
When you have new idea for new feature, we can speak about.

Thank you for spending your time this. It looks like a very powerful tool!

Look like maybe, i hope it is!!! :wink:
I have also solve the probleme with link scale and x y axis scale, now it’s schould work fine.

I’m stoked about this addon! Fantastic work kgeogeo :ba:

i’ve make a test with windows and the last build bot.
The first time when i use the addon the plan is turned 90°, i “remove BProjection plan” and “add BProjection plan” again apply the image and then it’s alright.
I don’t understand why, because under Ubuntu with my own build it work properly.
An idea maybe??

Idem on macOS