bpy.data.objects["Ball01"].game.lock_location_x, wtf?

if I do this:

bpy.data.objects[“Ball01”].game.lock_location_x = True

the settings don’t change until I exit the game and mouse over the area that these settings reside. very odd

I want to stop all movement for one object for a few seconds. is there a better way to do this?

object.worldPosition = target.worldPosition



that code you have is BPY and does nothing inside the game engine,



thanks! I didn’t realize bpy should be avoided.

Bpy is for anything that happens before you hit play,

or you can run a exernal copy of blender and use network sockets
to send data to bpy and then return a filename to libLoad,
I wish it were easier, but this is the only way to get at the lion sleeping next to the game engine.