[BrainMeal.net] : Make nice Abstract Art

Hi, I just needed some abstractish art for some documents, and told my self: “why not to make my own with Blender?”
I got with the result you see above, they liked the result on irc, and was asked to make tutorial and made it immediately :slight_smile:
the tutorial covers these items:

  • 3D Modeling

  • Materials

  • Nodes composting

  • And more

the result:
watch the tutorial here

ask Question & download .blend here
the more like we have the more tutorials we will publish.

a video made using the same technique…

Interesting effect. Thanks for the tutorial.

I’m glad you like it.

I’ve got to agree with ridix. This is an interesting effect, but I have just a couple of nit-picks. You don’t mention anything about the lighting setup you’re using (I only mention it because lighting is my Achilles Heel) nor do you mention the materials you use. It would have been nice if you’d shared EVERYTHING you did to create the effect, rather than just zipping through with the odd comment if “do this” or “like that”.

Just my two cents.