Brand new face

Hi, it’s 3 days I’m playing with blender’s sculpting tools.
This is the result:

the black eyes are just a temporary replacement until I find a way to model more realistic eyes.
But for 3 days of playing with the tools, it’s quite decent, good would be too much.
Feedbacks appreciated.
Weak point detected by me:

  • lips
  • ears

What do you think?

If you are going for a realistic head, you have some work to do, but if you are looking for a stylized head, it may be a good start.
You should study a little about face proportions, and head proportions. I think you now know how to use the sculpt tools, but you lack in anatomical knowledge.
Use as much references as you can, then you can do whatever you want, but first, study anatomy and use references.
That’s in any case what I do hehe.
There are also a very good free tutorials about sculpting in cgcookie archive, like this: but there are more that you may find interesting. (you need a free account for that)

I tried with a couple more methods, and the lips are giving me hard time, not because they are hard, but because in material way I see them good, when I render it’s different. I forgot the ears, will do later, hows going so far? this time I used a uv sphere and dyntopo.
Don’t know why after a while it disabled and kept me going. by the way, better than the yesterday.

If you go back to objet mode, or edit mode, and then back to sculpt mode, dynotopo is disabled, you have to activated every time.
It is going better, but if you study human proportions, it is going to help you a lot.
Lips, are not easy, or at least to me, to get them realistic, you have to work hard on them.
Making the holes of the nose, helps a lot.
At the beginning, if you can, use references. or you are going to miss a lot of detail.

I tried using reference image, but I’m not used to, so, I tried imagining my face infront of the monitor how it would really look like. I think I’m doing progresses no?
The only problem now it would be apply a skin of some sort. :slight_smile: