"Brave Warrior" - Mixamo Fantasy Character

Hi Guys, it’s been a while since i made something with blender and so i looked around and decided to participate in the “Mixamo Fantasy Contest”.
I’ll go with the Knight class and make everything myself including the weapons as well.

After two days of modelling and scetching some concept ideas i came up with a realistic looking Knight that has some influence of both fantasy and a little bit of steampunk (mainly Gears).

At first i had to design a new male character and the following images will show what i got so far.

More Images that show the progress of the character, this time some wireframes.

many more images are coming your way

here you can see the first piece of the armor (will be modified later in the progress)

the last images for today, featuring the armor’s back and wireframes.

any suggestions are appreaciated :slight_smile:

small updates on the armor:

the thing i’m shooting for is somewhat a very flexible armor, still need some work…

Looking good keep going!

Got some new updates on the overall armor:

First i separated the shoulder protection from the torso armor , changed the design and defined the details, mostly on the back.

I continued with the legs and arm protection, while i kept in mind that it should be
flexible enough to move easily.
I also considered in which hand the sword and shield should be and started to give the left arm less armor to carry the shield.

The next step will focus further on the individual limbs.

That’s it for now, hope you like it :slight_smile:

very nice, especially the armor, but rules say “15,000 Tris Max” and you have 166000 polygons there, won’t that be a problem?

All of what i modeled so far is the preparation for the normalmap baking. I’ll do a low poly version which will fullfill the criteria of 15000 tris when i’m finished.

Finally finished the high res for the lower body:

Changed a few things that i didn’t like and added the rest of the armor.

I’ll work now on the arms for a while.

I’ve finished the design for the arms and completed the armor.

At first the right arm:

As i mentioned in earlier posts i made the armor for the right arm more protective, because the left arm will wield a big shield.

And now the left arm and its armor:

After finishing the armor i’ll show you the whole character as it is now:

The next part i’ll focus on will be the head (including hair) and the weapons.

Right after that, i’ll create the low poly version.


I’ve successfully finished the sword and shield for my knight and came up with a nice logo for the weapons: a stylistic eagle which will appear on the armor as well.

As for the head the only thing left to do are the hair and some eyebrows.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when i also have finished the low poly and baked the normalmap for it.

Wow, nice! However for the patterns there are too many straight lines, I think. It looks like sci-fi, as if it’s greebled (same thing on some of the armor.) But other than that, it’s sweet.

Very nice work, I tend to agree with Owldude in that you will need a bit of warping if your “Brave Warrior” is not a new recruit but it in no way diminishes the work you have done and materials alone can create and aged effect on a low poly. Kudos!