Brawler Chapter Two and The Fallen are FREEWARE

All freeware! But be warned, for those who dont like adware, that with the installation of the game you install a toolbar (adware).

But anyway… you can download the games at

So these games were made with blender?

Of course, I’m not downloading anything with adware. And all the image links on the page are broken.

I’m a bit scared…

A couple of nights ago i thought that they’d go “Freeware”.

Still i don’t know what adware is and i don’t like ads so…

Can’t be bothered downloading it. Sorry

If you want people to download, you really should make the installation of the toolbar optional.

If you want downloads you should really try making a website that displays what its suppose to display.

As all I’m getting are empty image boxes. But lots of adverts.

erm… why would you have to install some toolbar if these are Blender made games? What’s your motive for including this?

Yes these are games done with Blender. I guess the problem with the images is because of the cookies of the server that takes time for updating.

I am including toolbars and ads because of the affiliate program I am with to gain money. I made the games shareware but sales are not profitable… so I am kind like experimenting with publicity to see if that works best.

By the way… the toolbars can be removed at add\remove programs on Windows.

I hope for your sake your sponsors never find out you just said that.

Dude, just about every reasonable person knows they can add/remove programs.

I think you will find that this newest venture isnt going to work any better then the last. Good luck with it :wink:

Would like to try it but no adware, I hate those things! Sorry… But how about some screenshots? You could do that, right?

No way in hell I’m installing that.

Adware is on many occasions almost impossible to get rid of; Im not taking ANY chances.

The swedish at the yellow bar says “firefix has stopped 2 pop-up windows”, pages like this are not so… inviting. Try to do something about the images to start with

Edit: when I enter in the browser I reach a 404-page. check your links.

well if it has adware i’m not downloading it.

and your page dont display right it looks like sim88’s