[Brawling Fighting Game] Looking for team!

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to make a game but I have no programming knowledge and wanted to look for programmers and fellow modelers to help me with this project as a side hobby.

I want to make a game similar to Rumble Fighter (Gem Fighter in Asia), which is a 3D environment run around brawl fighting game. I have some ideas for character designs and stuff and am currently working on some. If possible, it’d be cool to make this an online game. If not then a single player game like Final Fight would be cool too lol. If anyone is interested, please post on the forums or give me a PM or message me via instant messenger.

AIM: breezemanga
MSN: [email protected]
YM: megamanxer212

GAME TITLE Gang of Heroes GENERAL IDEA Game Style: Beat em up run around 3D environment fighting game. Features: - Customizable clothes, hair, and face - Different martial arts fighting styles - Unique skills for each transformations - Breakable crates and containers with items inside - Still working on the rest...xD

I want to give a bit of a Kamen rider or Power Ranger type of transformation feel so anyone who plays might get the feeling of being a hero!

Programmers/Developers: Anyone who can possibly make this game in C# or C++ is welcome or anyone who can do this using other languages are also welcome!

Modelers/Animators: The game will use low poly and simple designs so anyone who can model are welcome. I will be modeling as well.

Environmental Artist: Stage design and building is important so anyone who can design stages are welcome!

Music/Sound: If this project does lift off, then music is a must! So if you can make music, feel free to join!

I’m serious about the project and am really looking forward to making it with lots of people out there. Also as I stated before, this is just a hobby or a side project so any help is welcome!

I will update this post if I get things up and running so I hope I can work on this with people!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to hear from anyone soon!


ok here is the pic for the char. i did a quick texure for the model. i will post the replace mesh creator system in a couple of days.


Anime character.blend (191 KB)

Lol rumble fighter i love that game :smiley:

looks good. I think the legs are too blocky and the lower body is kinda awkward.
but we can fix it up.