Brazilian Scientists Invent Antigavity Bikini

Presenting the most sensational discovery since the sweater girl! Itś amazing, it´s stupendus! Brazilian scientists have just invented the Anti Gravity Bikini, likely to be the most significant discovery of the 21th Century! And who said the Hutchinson effect was not real.:smiley:

Ok, ok maybe Anti Gravity technology is 20 years away from being perfected. But when I first saw these pictures I thought they were Anti Gravity. However, the secret is, if you look closely you will a transparent layer that holds the top half to the bottom half of the Bikini. Ingenius don´t you think?:cool:

BTW, that´s me, the kid in the blue shirt with that very deep in thought look on my face. It´s amazing you could almost tell what I´m thinking. Merry Christmas everyone!:slight_smile:

A good use for leftover banana peels! I say recycle!

Screw the bikini, that girl is HOT!


I wonder if there is a way to convince my girlfriend to wear that without sounding perverted… Probably not :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s the back look like? :stuck_out_tongue:

do we really need this here? other people actually DO come to the forums, and expect it to be pretty acceptable.


I wonder where mr. security dude’s head is at, he is the only one who is not looking.