Breackfast Scene

I already posted this on the focussed critique thread and they have been helping me a lot in order to improve my skills at blender…this is kind of my second render by my self…let me know guys what do you think so far…i hope to finich it until sunday!

PDT: Sorry for my english, im from Colombia :stuck_out_tongue:


really nice, the honey looks like, well, honey :slight_smile: only the toast looks a bit off, the edge nearest the honey jar looks to be floating, not sure how you would fix that, maybe some shadows to help “pin” it to the rest of the toast stack.

it looks a little bit flat as well, maybe you need to make the bump map a bit deeper, so the surface of the toast looks more natural

Toasts are good I think, I’ll upload my file on Blendswap very soon, then you can take a look at them.

Here i come with some improvement i hope you guys like it…all critiques and tips are welcome!


Here is the blendfile, you can watch for toaster in it .

this looks really good. Maybe some stronger shadows would help give it more depth and realism

Mmm… I want that for breakfast :slight_smile: The toast looks great… and so does the honey. The only thing I’ve noticed is like jakchit said, stronger shadows would help give it more realism and grounding. Especially on the toast, there aren’t many shadows I can notice for them. But otherwise, it looks amazing.
And I have one question, what are you doing for lighting?