I did this project as an exercise to make realistic CG food.
I originally wanted to use procedural materials for the bread inside and outside but unfortunately failed to make the inside of the bread look good enough with the procedural material so I switched it with a texture.
The outside of the bread and the cookies are still procedural materials.
The wood board is procedural wood mixed with imperfections textures (the cloth material is also procedural).
I rendered using cycles with 1500 samples (No denoiser as I used blender 2.80 and not 2.81).
I did some basic post processing in blender using curves.
The scene also works well in EEVEE.

Render :
Lighting setup render :


It looks realistic and appetizing. The cookies could use some work though.


lol I’m hungry - -


Yeah now I realize that they look more stylized rather than realistic, I probably will do a separate more stylized render with the cookies.
Also I will try to make more realistic cookies as a separate project.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

WOW I can’t believe this, thank you very much !

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