Break Room - 80s soda machine in a dark hallway

The chair and the trash can are from turbosquid. I did everything else. All textures and bumb maps I made myself in The waviness in the vinyl is procedural.

This took me weeks. I have a slow computer, so it took an average of 15 hours per render. I rendered this 5 times, because with the first 4 renders, the vinyl looked horrible.

1000 Samples. 18 hours of render time.


Critiques are welcome! However, this image is done. Iā€™m moving on to a new project.

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it looks great , alittle noise but its awesome , the thing is the first thing anyone would see is the pepsi box, thin your eyes would goo out to the light side which is almost empty ?
the render looks great i like the ceiling i guess the metal bars arnt just textures
, but i think you should add some stuffs on the light side to make things intrese
at least that what i think, :slight_smile:

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Good lights and models, but the floor looks too reflective. I suggest adding some roughness and bumps to it.

Thank you for the input.

I almost expect the T-1000 to start forming up from the floor. Nicely done.

Reminds me of first Half Life. There was an episode which took place in a dark corridor much like this.