Good day everyone!

This is by far the most ambitious scene I ever tried to render. It is a breakfast scene. Everything was made by me (except for somethings thanks to Andrew Price for the Bread Tutorials/Textures). No post processing was involved in this render.


  • Made in Cycles
  • ~290000 polygons
  • CPU rendered in 15 minutes (120 samples)

Please give substantial comment or critique as I am but a young boy (I’m 15) who wants to be a master in 3D.


just wondering, 290000 polygons for a piece of bread? :eek:
I think that the picture is too blur. Especially the bottom part of the render. There are few similar renders added to blenderartists last days, you can see them for inspiration.Also the bread and the table are almost the same color. I would use another texture for the table. Newspapers don’t look like newspaper but like a plastic badge.And maybe better lighting can help a bit.But anyway, good start. I am beginner too so it’s just my opinion.

I think it is weird that the same person buy the same newspaper twice but the bread looks tasty and realistic. I think the newspaper looks too glossy too.

Your materials and render look good. I question the placement of the bread plate on top of both the newspaper and the coffee saucer. Also, I haven’t seen many newspapers use Impact font for headlines. Maybe Philippino papers are different. The newspaper material might need a bit of noise on it so it doesn’t look quite so slick. The plain white cup and plate suggest a diner, so you may want to think about changing the table top to some sort of formica pattern instead of wood.

But these are all stylistic suggestions. Technically, I think you have done what you set out to do. Good job.

Overall it looks quite good, especially the bread. If I were you I would make the lighting more interesting. For example, I would make it so that the lights cast the shadow of a window frame.

290000 polygons made me hungry :wink: