Attempt to create a photorealistic breakfast scene.

Nice breakfast scene! I like the layout of all the objects in the scene, and that you also textured the table beneath!

For photorealism, I would say you are definitely on the right track with the textures, layout, modelling, and reflections (which is nice and subtle)! To make it even more realistic, try changing the lighting to reflect an early morning sunrise (e.g. yellow-orange focus with light blue ambience) and/or some multiple interior lights (e.g. multiple halogen lights or a few fluorescent ones). A bit of oil or smudging on the plate, mug, knife, and egg cup could also be a nice subtle touch! A small amount of gloss/reflection from the table or some added roughness, as well as a wall texture, could be good!

In any case, great work and good luck on your future Blender creations!