Breakout in Blender

Hey everyone,

This is my first finished project in the BGE. :) It's a "clone"  of the arcade game "Breakout" and it was made for the first BGE Weekday Contest (

It's a pretty simple game since it was made in just a few days - the goal is to destroy all the bricks on a level (there are 5) by hitting them with a ball that you bounce at them with a paddle. There are several special bricks that give you special "abilities" when you hit them. The green flying saucers are just like bricks but are harder to take down.  Keys used are left and right arrow keys to move the paddle and the spacebar for everything else. 

I hope to create some more advanced/fun/better games in the future. Until then, enjoy! You can download the file here:

Also - be on the lookout for the next BGE Weekday Challenge!


Okay… thats weird: I downloaded it, it played automaticaly (it never does that), and the ball just flied in the upper left corner and got stuck… then it started to spin furiously and just jumped out of the map… maybe its my comp ??? I have blender 2.48…

Happy modeling.

Yeah, the blender version is probably why… I made it in 2.49 which allows you to limit the velocity of a dynamic object, and constrain its motion to certain axes, both of which I did to prevent that kind of thing from happening. But I don’t think that feature was in 2.48.

EDIT: The playing automatically was intentional :yes:

very small on my 23" 1080P desktop heh and i think my processor is too fast because the game ended after a second. out of 20 starts i think i hit the ball once. core i7 920

This game looks good, but it runs too fast on my computer, do you have enable all frames selected?

Keep it up!