Breeze the Dog WIP

Hello everyone! New Here!

I’m working one of my first “for-real” game models for a game I’m making (I’m a programmer by trade). He is a primarily Bipedal dog named Breeze.

I have a couple of problems though:

[One: Brows and eyelids]
I’m having a bit of trouble however with his eyelids. Primarily, his eyes are egg shaped, so I want to animated his eyelids accordingly, but i’m not sure how to rig them. I haven’t found a tutorial that can help me with this, and I’m new to facial rigging.

[Two: Teeth and Jaw]
When you drop the jaw down, his bottom teeth begin to sink in. I have tried everything from weight painting to moving the bone around.

Can anyone help me out?

Here is another screen (I wasn’t allow to post more that 2 images apparently per post.

Here is the model for those of you who want to look in to it:

Wow that is a cool dog!
As far as I can see very nice modeling too! Good job on that!
I am not and animator so i cant help you with rigging and what not :frowning:

Cool character. For the eyes, you could look at starting off with a perfectly spherical eye, which you can just rotate the lid around, and then use a lattice modifier to deform both the eyes and the lid to the shape you want. Alternatively just use shapekeys. Create an eyes open and an eyes shut shapekey (and possibly an in-between one to fix issues with linear interpolation between the two), and just blend between the two.

For the jaw I’m not sure what’s causing your issue, maybe if the teeth are a separate mesh, just parent the object (no modifiers) to the bone directly.