Brethren of the Coast - Modeller, GUI Artist Needed. Revenue Payment inc.

Hello there.

Over the last month I have been making a Naval Ship vs Ship PVP combat game. All of the basic mechanics are ready and good to go. This game is fully Multiplayer and fully playable all over the world. I am going to explain how I intend to make profits from this project, but if you wish to test it out, you can watch a video on YouTube or better yet get a friend and test it out for yourself. Contact me for more details and links.

I have already uploaded the game onto Kongregate and while it is not yet published, it is fully playable and can undergo ratings. Kongregate is a gaming portal, with over 14.5 million players monthly. Most of these players are statistically speaking 19-year olds and avid gamers, willing to spend to show off their skills. Once a game is published, Kongregate gladly gives you its distribution channel, thus, I do not need to worry on extensive marketing or buying ad space.

Kongregate then gives you three types of profits. First of which is the Ad Revenue Program. Kongregate gives you up to 50% of ad revenue generated by the game. Kongregate generally boasts an eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions) of $1.5, which goes along nicely with the monthly 14.5 million users mentioned above. While success rates for Singleplayer games are average, Multiplayer games generally gain a much bigger fan base.

Another type of profit is the Virtual Goods revenue. While this is still in a thinking phase, I will probably implement the game with Kongregate’s API, thus allowing users to spend Kredz (virtual currency) on playable ships. I, as a developer, take 70% of those profits.

The other type is the Partner program, which states that if you game impresses, Kongregate holds you closer and gives you much better promotions and advertising, included guaranteed promotion by GameStop, which sells over the 9-billion mark per year.

What I Need
2 Modellers+Textures, designing 6 ships each. They are each eligible for a 15% stake in all earnings for a one-year period.
1 GUI Artist, who will design the entire game GUI. He is eligible for a 20% stake in all earnings for a one-year period.

Contact Details
Skype : Phenomiz
Email: [email protected]
Please contact me including your portfolio/recent works.

Thanks for reading.