brick wall ¿bake texture displacement?

hello, i’m currently onto textures. I finally managed a decent shot at displacement. This effectively models individual bricks and mortar threads off a simple box shape, but I now have a lot of vertex and faces at render time, and too many of them are redundant of inefective.

Is there a way to bake this displacement result onto the mesh to decimate it? I found some references to cvs modifiers in other threads, but the links were dead…


If you want to retain the ‘dents’ at the edge of the brick wall, there is no way to achieve low polycount while retaining those geometries.

But if you are willing to sacrifice that for lower rendering time, you can try to bake a normal map and a color map of the brick wall. this way, you’ll get half-decent looking shading and 3d effect that almost looks at good at the original 3d model.


check this site for builds:

use the build with the displacement modifier. that will do it!