Brick wall in cycles ??

Hello !

Last time I did my brick wall was long time ago using blender render now I want to do the same in cycles.

I want to make the wall using brick node in node editor instead of dowloading a texture of a wall from internet.
Everything would be nice if I would know how to make a bump map of the brick node -

Maybe a quick screenshot of a ready wall in node editor ?
Someone …
Please … ;|

proc text brick !
just add a brick node mix with some noise and bumps

should work in cycles too!

there is an addon for real bricks too!

then play with parameters

happy cyc

More brick.

There is a small problem with mortar -noise appends it as well as the brick,
the bump is bad too for me - looks like the mortar is very close to the brick -flat - and in real life mortar is more inside the bricks, deeper …

Making a bump map can give you the height of a brick according to the mortar and here -without a normal map -is a problem …

How to repair that ?

can you show pics so we can better see what you mean

so you must work with procedural text

you could bake an AO map then make a bump map out of it !
like using a paralax map!


Look at that wall -it looks flat
I know it is because of the normal map that is not there but I want to know is there a way to make it by using some nodes or etc without exporting wall tex to a file and then work on it in outer aplication … ?

did you check out Eppo’s example
the mortar has a certain depth!

otherwise you would need to use external map better effect


You can always use the Acme Brick Masonry designer.

That is just the ** bee’s knees. Thanks for the link Rich.

Dude. That’s the small version. :eyebrowlift:

Please, tell me how to create a bump on the wall using procedural textures. Now I have one flat material: bricks and mortar…

but it is necessary that there was a large gap between bricks (big bump), as on the second photo. I try to use displacement, normal, but there is no any result…

Thanks for help!

You’re never going to get that kind of definition out of a flat plane. Normal maps just fake the appearance of bumps on a surface, and displacement needs geometry to displace. If you need this much of a closeup you’re probably going to need to model it for real.

Thanks for the answer!

And at least this way do:

The gap is small, but even so better than my.